Difference Between a Restaurant and a Bistro
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Difference Between a Restaurant and a Bistro

Restaurant and a Bistro

Difference Between a Restaurant and a Bistro

To escape into the different tastes of the world is the most loved occasional activity of almost everyone. Haven is what you will experience as you drive to the nearest restaurant to sink your teeth into that juicy burger or cheesy pasta. With hundreds of cuisines spread all across the street, selecting the right one for your dinner is often a hard task to get done with. The typical weekend dinner with your family or your partner would get them bored with the same tastes frequently. You must know where the other quality restaurants are located and how good they are. People often get confused between a restaurant and a bistro. They also mistake a restaurant for a café and end up in trouble of not having the food they wished for or the same food being served at a higher price.

So, you need to have a clear idea about where you are heading to and what to avoid. Both restaurants and bistros serve you food and drinks, but the main difference is that the latter is small and offers food at moderate rates. Let us look at more differences between the two so that you can differentiate between the two when going out for dinner.


A bistro is similar to a restaurant with a smaller setting with cheaper food. You get to have your favorite dish at moderate prices in that modest and casual establishment. Everything about a bistro is relaxed and informal without you having to put extra effort in wearing attitude on your collar. Bistros are said to have been originated from the Parisian apartment’s basement kitchens where food was sold to the public to increase the income of landlords. Bistros are most commonly known for the home-style French meals they serve. Almost every bistro will have the creative versions of French dishes in their menu, which includes salads, vegetable soups, omelets, crepes, and sandwiches.



Restaurants are the places where you sit to eat meals by paying for everything you order. The same concept as that of a bistro, a restaurant serves food at relatively higher prices. Nowadays, food is being delivered to the doors of the customers without having to drive through the hassling traffic. Restaurants come in both expensive and inexpensive forms; your choice is what matters here. They would differ based on their size and type but primarily differs on the food they serve. You must select the restaurant of your choice; be it vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or seafood. Restaurants could also be classified based on the cuisine- Chinese, Continental, Chinese, etc. Many establishments offer all three meals while some of them are open to serve the people with two meals a day.

Major Differences Between Bistro and Restaurant

·         Size

Bistros are small in size with the most casual setting you can find for a meal. Restaurants serve food in the bigger enclosed establishments adorned with elegance.

·         Food

Bistros serve only basic meals and simple food, whereas restaurants offer a wide range of foods.

·         Cuisine

Bistros are a part of the French cuisine, while restaurants offer different cuisines, including French, American, Thai, etc.

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