How to Order a Beer at a Restaurant Like A Pro
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How to Order a Beer at a Restaurant Like A Pro


How to Order a Beer at a Restaurant Like A Pro

If you have just started drinking beer but do not want to get embarrassed between the pro drinkers in the bar, you can take help of these tips. It is not a problem at all if you seek the help of the waiter to serve you their best drink. But when you already know what you like, you make a pro statement when you order a cold one for yourself. Here is what you need to know to talk about beer like a pro.

Know about lager and ales

The beginners should know that there are only two main categories of beer – Ales and Lager. You can order almost any beer under these keywords. Ales have more flavours in it, which include porters, stouts, brown ales, and more. Lager is more of a classic type of beer which includes bocks and pilsners. Lagers are more popular compared to Ales because of its crisp and clean taste. The taste of the beer is based on the yeast used in the process.

Dark beer and light beer

The darkness of the beer does not always mean that it has higher alcohol content. It is simply because of the toast and roast of the grain, which gives colour to it, like coffee. The darker beer may have a deeper flavour, but it will not necessarily be heavy. Light beer can have the same alcohol content as dark beer with a difference in taste.



When a beer is referred to as malty, it just means that it has a higher level of malt in it which offers a rich flavour to it. Every beer contains some level of malt barley in it, but the ones which are called malty can enjoyed just for its strong flavour.


The hops add aromatics and flavours to the beer, which can make up to 250 different varieties. Many drinkers like adding hops to their beer to make it more or less bitter.


Bitterness can come naturally in a beer because of malt or can be added with hops to get a certain level of bitterness. If you do not prefer bitterness, then you can choose something on the pale ale or something very dark like a porter.



IPAs is considered a gateway drug to craft beer. They are more effective than pale ales and can provide a super-flavour taste.


If you like wine, then this fruity, punchy and bright beer is for you. It has the sourness that you usually get in wine but adds more flavours.


It is a light lager beer from Pilsen in the Czech Republic which is made with barley and rice. They are light, pale yellow, and very flavourful.

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